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Classroom Rules and Policies

Homework  Policy

Classroom Rules


Homework Policy:

1.  Students may earn 1 point for every homework assignment that is completed on time.  Once a student earns 50 points they receive a coupon  for one pre-approved homework assignment.  The coupon gets turned in when the assignment is collected

2.  Assignments are checked in at 9 AM on the day they are due.  If the assignment is missing or incomplete a homework point is not earned for that assignment.

3.  Incomplete assignments for the week will be sent home on Friday afternoons and will be completed by the student over the weekend. 

4.  Students having missing assignments will not participate in Fun Friday.

5.  Detention and parent conferences will be arranged if you regularly do not do your homework.



Classroom Rules:

1. Respect others

2. Respect property

3. Take responsibility for your own actions

4. Keep up with homework and class work (do it and do it on time)

5. Let the teacher teach

6. Smooth transitions

7. Use clean language

8. Appropriate talk at appropriate times (using accountable talk)

9. Work cooperatively when appropriate

10. Come to class prepared to learn