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Our Class Pets

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Mr. Danforth donated his 55 gallon aquarium to our class and came in to set it up for us.....Thanks Mr. Danforth!


So what is currently in our tank?  Take a look below!

 Assorted Male Fancy Guppies and Females                     2 Plecostomus (algea eaters)



6 Neon Tetras                                                           2 Red Eyed Tetras



4 Serpae Tetras                                                     1 Rasbora Scissors



1 Glow Lite Tetras                                                           1 Bloodfin Tetras



2Black Neon Tetras                       2 Albino Cory Catfish


4 Corey Catfish                    2 Pineapple Swordtails



 Painted Platies                           2 Mickey Mouse Platy



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Links about our fish:

Tropical Fish Center Species Guide

Badman's Tropical Fish

The Krib:  Fish and Other Animals

The Tropical Tank:  Fish Index

Fish Forever:  Fresh Water Index

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Our Fish Tank Writing Project:  Point of View Writing

In this writing project you will become one of the fish in our classroom tank.  You will write this essay or story as if you WERE that fish.  The requirements are as follows:

 Paragraph 1:  Introduce yourself.  Tell me what kind of fish you are, where your species originates, what kind of water you need and what you like to eat.

 Paragraph 2:  Tell me about life in the tank here at school, what goes on in there?

 Paragraph 3:  Tell me what you notice about life in the classroom.

 Paragraph 4:  Summarize the most important points.

You will also include a color drawing of your fish somewhere on the page.

 You may write more if you need to but four basic 5th grade paragraphs (6-8 sentences) is the minimum you must write in order to meet the standard.  Of course, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and neatness count!  Be creative and have fun with this.

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For help in setting up your own aquarium try these helpful sites:


Robyn's Fishy Page


Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fish Keeping:  Getting Started

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Graphics on this page are courtesy of  Animal Kingdom and Absolute Background Textures