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Rocks and Minerals


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Mineral: a substance found in nature that is not man made.  It has the same chemical make-up no matter where it is found.


Rock:  a substance made from more than one material.  It may contain several kinds of minerals as well as other materials.


Igneous Rocks:  formed by cooling and solidification (either above or below ground) of molten matter from inside the earth


Sedimentary Rocks:  made from sediments (minerals, pieces of other rocks, and sometimes organic matter) that have been deposited in layers and pressed or cemented together over time to form a solid material.


Metamorphic Rocks:  made of minerals from igneous, sedimentary and other metamorphic rocks which have been fused under extreme heat and pressure within the earth.


Petrifaction:  the process of converting once-living material to stone or fossils


Sediment:  the particles that settle to the bottom of a liquid.

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 Luster is a property of a mineral that tells how the mineral reflects light

Mineral Luster Types

What is Luster?

Color and Streak:

Color and Streak information

Streak Test Results

What is Important About the Color of Minerals?


Harness is a measure of a mineralís resistance to scratching. The hardness of a mineral is measured by scratching it against another substance of known hardness.

The Hardness of Rocks and Minerals

Testing for Hardness

Mohs Scale of Hardness web page

What is important about hardness?

General Information

Mineral Matters page

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals

Minerals By Name website

Mineral Information Institute:  Homework Help

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What is a Gem?  A gem is a mineral that has perfect crystals, beautiful colors, sparkling lights and must also be rare.

Classification of Gems

Gem Gallery

The Gemstones:  The Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom


A crystal is a solid that is made up of atoms arranged in an orderly pattern.

Best Crystals

How do crystals grow?

Crystal types

Grow your own sugar crystals (rock candy)

Growing crystals on a string

Making crystal gardens

Crystal growing recipes

Growing crystal spikes


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Complete a Rocks WebQuest

Make your own rocks!

Take the Rock Expert Quiz

Gallery of Speciman Images

The Floating Rock Mystery

Igneous Rocks:  self guided online lesson

Sedimentary Rocks:  self guided online lesson

Metamorphic Rocks:  self guided online lesson

How Rocks are Formed


 Click on the pictures below to go to information about how that type of rock is formed, the web sites even have pictures of many of each of these types of rocks to help you identify them


                                           Igneous                                          Metamorphic                                   Sedimentary


Click on the picture above to learn about the rock cycle

Rock Cycle Movie at Brain Pop

Learn the Rock Cycle Song

The Rock Cycle

Click on the picture above to visit Volcano World

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