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Mrs. Danforth’s Classroom Page

The Human Body

Links coming soon to this section

Circulatory System:

The Heart:  An Online Exploration

Map of the Heart

Kid's Health:  The Heart

Kid's Health:  It's Great To Circulate

Respiratory System

The Human Body's Respiratory System Theme Page

Muscular System:

Skeletal Muscles

Smooth Muscles

Cardiac Muscles

The Muscular System

The Circle of Blood

Skeletal System:

Skeletal System Diagram

Pictures of  a Real Skeleton

A Look Inside The Human Body:  Skeletal System

Your Gross and  Cool Body

The Big Story on Bones

Facts About Fractures and Bone Breaks


Digestive System:

Multiple Systems:

My Body

Human Anatomy Online

A Look Inside The Human Body

Your Gross and Cool Body