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Mrs. Danforth’s Classroom Page

Below is a list of topics that might be offered as Fun Friday choices throughout the year.  Each topic has a series of links so that students may read more about them if they are interested.

Fun Friday Topics

Star Spangled Banner

The Hunley

The American Turtle

The Brooklyn Bridge

Fort McHenry Links:

Star-Spangled Banner Flag Links:

          Francis Scott Key Links:

   War of 1812 Links:

Miscellaneous Links:

So many things went wrong during the construction of this bridge, from the death of the designer to the severe illness of his son, that the bridge almost did not get finished.  Use the links below to learn more about this fascinating story.

Brooklyn Bridge:  Historic Overview


Emily Roebling and Her Involvement with the Bridge


Washington Augustus Roebling


John Roebling


Brooklyn Bridge Website

The Gaspee Affair

Nearly a year and a half before the Boston Tea Party, Rhode Island colonists looted and burned a British ship to the waterline.  Use the links below to learn more about this historic event. 

Gaspee Virtual Archives


Listen to a song about the Gaspee


John Brown and the Gaspee Affair


Modern Gaspee Days Celebration