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Mrs. Danforthís Classroom Page

Here are some of the genres we will read this† year.† Each genre has links to books in that genre or further information about the genre.


In science fiction stories the characters use science to solve a problem.† There is no magic involved.

Science Fiction

In historical fiction books the story is made up, but some of the characters might be real and there is a backdrop of an historic event.

Historical Fiction

In realistic fiction books the characters go through things that could really happen.

Realistic Fiction

In fantasy books the characters often use magic and there may be mythical creatures in the story.




In adventure books the main character is placed in a difficult situation and has to overcome great obstacles.† This usually produces a big change in the character.

In mystery books the main character usually has to either solve a crime or figure out why something odd is happening.

Informational books are non fiction books that can be about any subject.

Biographies are books written about the life of a person.† They are not written by the person they are about, but by a third party.



Westward Movement Books

American Revolution Books

Slavery/Civil War Books

World War II Books

1960's Books