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Mrs. Danforth’s Classroom Page


General Information

We will read in many ways in class.  We will use whole class reading, partner reading, small group reading, and self selected sustained silent reading.  You will need to always have a book handy since we will have an assigned self selected sustained silent reading time every day in class.  You will also be asked to read any time you finish an assignment or class work ahead of other students.  Students will conference with the teacher upon finishing a book to get credit towards the standard of reading 25 books in the school year.  You will also have one book report a month to do from September to May in an assigned Genre of the Month.  You will get a list of book report due dates, Genre's of the Month and formats during the first week of September.  Hang on to it, you will need it all year.  The list will also be posted here on the website.  Directions for each book report will be given out and explained to you on a monthly basis and will be posted here as well.

What kinds of books are acceptable?  It must be a 5th grade level book  with at least 100 pages in order to count towards the standard.  You may always read shorter books, but they will not go towards the required 25.