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Mrs. Danforth’s Classroom Page

Book Reports are due once every month.  The format and genre change monthly.  Students will be given a list for the due dates and genres for the entire year during the first two weeks of school.  At the beginning of each month students will be given a project guideline sheet for that month’s report.  Monthly guidelines are also placed online at the beginning of each month, use the link below to view this month’s guidelines.

Overview For The Year

Due dates will be added once the school year begins

· September:  Free Choice.  Due Date:           Format:  Traditional Book Report


· October:  Science Fiction.  Due Date:          Format:  Read Around Display


· November:  Free Choice.   Due Date:           Format:  Traditional Book Report


· December:  Mystery.  Due Date:                     Format:  Fancy Folder


· January:  Biography:  Due Date:                  Format:  Book Talk and Poster


· February:  Adventure.  Due Date:               Format: Book Talk and Diorama


· March:  Fantasy.  Due Date:                          Format: Book Jacket  


· April:  Realistic Fiction.  Due Date:                Format:  Book Mobile


· May:  Historical Fiction. Due Date:             Format: Filmstrip Book Report

Book Reports